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HPUBS Shimla awarded "Outstanding B-School (North India)" at National Educational Awards by ABP News. || HPUBS becomes the First B-School of North India to Launch its own Mobile App.|| Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan, Hon'ble Governor, Reserve Bank of India visits HP University for an interaction session with HPUBS Students on 15th May 2014. || HPUBS Students Association organizes AARABDHI'14 (a National-level Management Fest) On 12th, 13th & 14th May 2014. Prof. Bajpai, Hon'ble VC, HP University remains the Chief Guest. || Dr. Sunil Kumar Sharma, CEO, Global Agrisystems, Delhi visits HPUBS for a Guest Talk on 2nd May 2014. || Prof. Vijay Paul Sharma, IIM-Ahmedabad visits HPUBS for a Guest Talk on 29th April 2014.|| HPUBS Students Association organizes an Alumni Meet in Delhi on 1st March 2014. || Mr. Himesh Sharma, Vice-President, TATA Motors (Finance) visits HPUBS for an interaction session on 11th October 2013. || HPUBSSA (Formerly IMSSA) revived on 10th October 2013. || Various Activity Clubs formed under HPUBSSA. || GENESIS'13 (Freshers Party-13) remained an unmatched success. || Teacher's Day celebrated with great enthusiasm, Dr. Bajpai, Vice-chancellor, HP University remained the Chief Guest. || National Sports Day celebrated with great zeal on 27th August 2013. || To get Latest News Updates, Like Us on FACEBOOK by Clicking Here. || To fill up the HPUBS Alumni Registration form, Click Here

Director's Message

The business world is changing rapidly on a technological basis where demographic diversity and
Prof. C.L. Chandan, Director
global competition have created an unprecedented need for expert managers in all fields. We at Institute of Management Studies Himachal Pradesh University are engaged in the stupendous task of building a class of innovative and dynamic managers. Our Institute is engaged in bridging the gap between the typical academic classroom experience and the harsh realities of the business world. We are committed to building up a deep understanding of business, teaching with skills and passion, problem focused results and continuous interaction with the management in practice. The Institute is very sensitive to embrace the rapidly changing world as it has overhauled its curriculum and also its approach to train managerial manpower for the global community. It is striving hard to club together the advancements taking place in information technology and the changes in the socio-economic scenario of the country.
I take this opportunity to draw your attention to the excellent human resource available in the institute. Masters of Business administration with specialization in marketing, finance and human resource are normally available for final placement after the month of June every year. It will be a pleasant experience for the industrial organizations to have our students as executives who are intellectually sound, emotionally stable, well versed with information technology and latest developments in business.
Prof. C. L. Chandan
Director, HPUBS