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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Teacher's Day celebrated with great enthusiasm, VC sir remains the Chief Guest

Commemorating the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishanan, students ofProf. Bajpai, VC, HPU addressing MBA students HPUBS Shimla celebrated Teacher's Day with great zeal & enthusiasm. Prof. ADN Bajpai, Honourable Vice-chancellor, HPU & Mr. Bambar Thakur, MLA (Bilaspur) & also EC Member, HPU graced the occasion with their worthy presence.
The function started with Lamp lighting ceremony & University Kulgeet, followed by a formal welcome speech by Ms. Manisha Sharma. Prof. Bajpai was welcomed by Prof. C.L. Chandan, Director, HPUBS Shimla, whereas Mr. Bambar Thakur was welcomed with a floral bukey by Prof. Suresh Kumar, Dean of Studies, HPU, Shimla.
Prof. Chandan briefed the students with the exemplary personality of Vice-chancellor sir in his short but effective speech. The students then presented small tokes of love for their respected faculty members, research scholars & non-teaching staff.
Vice-chancellor in his speech said that Teachers earn respect by the way he sacrifices his pleasures for student welfare. Teacher not only teaches students, but is entrusted with the task of moulding the lives of the surrounds as well. He said the world always expects the teachers to disciplined & an idol of knowledge. He congratulated the students of HPUBS for putting up such a grand show.
The fun game session began with Bollywood Quiz between Professors & Research Scholars followed by Passing the Parcel.
The formal function ended with an exemplary poem "Shikshak" by Arpit Kuthiala. The students enjoyed Domino's Pizza & Frooti as refreshments as the Vote of Thanks was extended.
The students enjoyed DJ party for 3 hours as the final show came to an end.